Sarah Cooper - Pilates instructor and creator of ScoopItUp

November 03, 2020 2 min read

We were so happy when Pilates instructor and nutritionist Sarah Cooper wrote to us; we got to have a chat with her and learn more about her amazing recipes and healthy lifestyle. Read more about Sarah's passion for healthy living below.
Sarah Cooper for WILD magazine

Sarah featured in WILD Magazine in April 2020

Q1) Of all the forms of exercise available for creating a healthy lean body you chose pilates.  Could you tell us a little about why pilates is your favourite form of exercise?
Pilates is amazing because at any age it can help your body in so many ways. Not only is it great for the mind but also to help strengthen, tighten, lengthen and tone. It is super important to engage in resistance training as we get older for bone density as well. In a world where we are glued to technology, pilates is amazing to also help our posture as well as stabilise small isolating muscles that support common injuries like our glutes. Pilates is also a hormone loving form of movement as it does not heighten cortisol . 
Q2)  Your Insta page @scoopitup_ is full of incredible recipes.  What is your 5 favourite ingredients and why?
- spices! ( mainly chilli , cinnamon and turmeric ): these are powerful anti inflammatories and also add diversity to your gut microbiome 
- cruciferous veggies: eg cauli, brussels - great high fibre for your gut and delicious 
- crispy salmon - amazing omega 3's are important to get our essential fatty acids in for heart health 
- cacao/ dark choc: great antioxidant and also gives a little kick without jitters 
- kale: all the green veg is so good for you but also love making crispy kale chips!
Sarah Cooper with podcasterSarah with Podcaster Leah Rigon on @findingyourbalance
Q3)  While you are based in Sydney, you get up to Byron Bay a fair bit.  What does your morning routine consist of when you are travelling?
Really depends on the day and who I am with. I aim to try and start with movement whether that is a walk along the beach or a pilates class. Then usually off to one of the amazing foodie spots for brekkie and will write down a to do list for the day ahead.
Sarah Cooper Scoop It Up
Q4)  Your life looks full with work, study and bringing amazing nutritional advice on your blog.  What do you do to unwind and relax?
I am really trying to work on this as I have neglected it in the past and it is taking its toll! I am trying to get into meditation but usually I love to have a hot bath with bath salts and burn a candle or some lavender essential oils before bed. 
Sarah Cooper

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