Why Certified Organic

At 2die4 Live Foods, we believe in creating premium quality food that supports your health and the environment! For this reason, we select certified organic ingredients for all our products. 

Certified organic farming is rooted in the philosophy of holistic growing and handling of food. It is about collectively supporting the soil, the nutrient rich plants, animals and the broader ecosystem. 

Certified organic food is produced using organic farming methods containing none of the following: 

  • Chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides 
  • Genetic modification (GMO’s) 
  • Food irradiation or chemical additives 
  • Interference with the natural metabolism 
  • Nanotechnology 

To receive certification organic farmers are audited over a 3-year period and continue to be audited to retain their organic certification. The audits are to ensure the growing and manufacturing process is up to Australia’s organic standards and the 3-year period is to ensure full organic compliance. 


Why is Organic Better for You

  • It's more nutritious. Studies have shown that organic food contains more vitamins, minerals and micronutrients than conventionally grown food.  
  • There is no harmful chemical residue on the food you are eating and the only natural pesticides are used, limiting the chemicals that enter the environment.  
  • There are no artificial additives. Organic produce has no artificial ingredients, chemical flavourings, MSG or preservatives (including sulphur dioxide). 
  • It is tastier! The careful organic farming practices that emphasise quality over quantity, the better welfare of animals and the lack of any filler ingredients allow the natural flavours of the food to shine through.