Lorna Garden - Nutritionist and Shack Palace Rituals

October 20, 2020 3 min read

Lorna Garden is a dietitian & nutritionist with over 30 years experience particularly in the area of sports nutrition. She was the first appointed sports dietitian for the Australian Cricket Team and the National Cricket Umpiring Panel, and worked with Collingwood Football club for 10 years.

Now based between Byron Bay & Noosa Heads, she is a director of Shackpalace (www.shackpalace.com) where her focus is on inspiring people to question the way we live – in particular the way we grow, source, prepare and eat our food.  She has a passion for food, health, fitness and surfing! 

We were so delighted when Lorna agreed to have a chat with us and share a little more about what inspires her stylish and healthy lifestyle and work.

1) What inspires your beautiful aesthetic for Shack Palace Rituals? 

In today’s busy world we are feeling a strong urge to move towards more mindful living where we are more connected to nature.  Our Byron Bay store and Noosa holiday home have been designed to allow guests to experience smaller, nurturing & inspiring spaces, which encourage a healthier lifestyle.  The products in our store have been carefully considered and designed by ourselves or sourced from like-minded artisans. 


Lorna Garden


2) You've had an amazing career in nutrition.  What does your week usually consist of now?

I have had the good fortune to work in a number of areas of nutrition, primarily as a sports dietitian and corporate nutritionist and this has shaped where I am today.  I have now moved away from the traditional model of dietetics and am on a journey to explore nutrition and health from every angle with the belief that we are our own best guru.  I really love combining nutrition & cooking, and my happy place is in the kitchen creating new recipes that inspire a move toward nutrient dense,  organic & ethical eating.  A large portion of my week is spent doing this!  I also blend  herbal teas for our Shackpalace store, and am on a steep learning curve growing our own organic fruit, vegetables, herbs & native edibles.  

3) Living in Noosa and Byron Bay means being surrounded by amazing natural beauty. What are your favourite places to get out in nature?

My other great passion in life is surfing so the beaches surrounding Noosa and Byron Bay are my second home!    I also love the Tanglewood run through Noosa National Park and the bush track to Broken Head from Suffolk Park. And then there’s Lake Ainsworth at Lennox for a tea tree swim..… we are so lucky to have easy access to all these beautiful places.


Lorna Garden nutritionist


4)  We love the recipes you've created with our activated nuts and certified organic groceries.  What are your top three ingredients you recommend always having on hand? 

Thank you.  I’m not sure I can narrow it to three – you should see the overflowing shelves in my pantry!

I always have activated pecans, walnuts and pistachios on hand, and organic golden flaxseeds (which I use whole or grind to a flax meal as an egg substitute for vegan dishes).  I also make sure I never run out of organic coconut flakes, shredded coconut,  cacao, olive oil  and hemp seeds too.   I won’t start on the fridge!

There are so many things we love about what Lorna creates and we couldn't go past sharing this delicious recipe - Hazelnut Bites

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