Kelly Alexander - Plant Based Chef and Caterer

February 09, 2021 4 min read

We were delighted when Kelly Alexander reached out to us at 2die4 Live Foods.  A very well traveled, super creative and healthy caterer, author and plant-based chef, Kelly inspires living life well.  We got to chat with her to learn a little more about what drives her activated life!

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1)  Many people live very busy lives.  When life is so full, how do you manage creating so many beautiful meals with such a diverse mix of ingredients?

That is a terrific question and one I get asked often! I believe that healthy eating really comes down to being organised. Firstly, having healthy ingredients on hand means it’s always easy to whip something up that is both tasty and nutritious. I shop at my local farmers market each weekend and get as much produce as I need to get me through the week. Then I always make sure my cupboard is well stocked with healthy staples- activated nuts and seeds, quinoa, oats, lentils, superfoods and a range of easy condiments to jazz things up such as tamari, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup plus good herbs and spices. 

Aside from keeping a well stocked kitchen, putting aside a couple of hours each week for meal preparation can absolutely transform the way that you eat! So each weekend I love putting on some music or a podcast and getting in the kitchen and whipping up a few simple things. This could be a big tray of roast vegetables, a pot of cooked quinoa, maybe an easy dahl or soup, a batch of hummus and an easy dressing. This makes putting together a nourishing meal so quick and easy. 

 Kelly Alexander Healthy Eating

2)  What are your 4 favourite ways of including 2die4 Live Foods activated nuts into your meals?

Well that’s an easy question, I like to pop them on everything! Here are four common ways I use activated nuts in my diet:

  1. Topping smoothie bowls. I love smoothies, but making a smoothie bowl means you can add extra toppings which makes the smoothie that much more substantial (and tasty!) Activated nuts are a staple on all of mysmoothie bowls.
  2. Topping salads. I’m a big salad eater but I also want to make sure that my salads include good quality protein and healthy fats. Adding a good handful of activated nuts to my salad is such a quick and easy way to do this, and adds a good crunch factor also!
  3. Granola, granola bars or trial mix. I love to have one of these three things on hand for when I need a tasty and nutrient-dense snack. I love mixing up activated nuts with dried fruit, shredded coconut and cacao nibs. Spending on what I have on hand I’ll turn this into a simple raw granola, process it into granola bars, or just keep a jar on my desk as an easy snack mix.
  4. Super Dukha. What is super dukha you ask?! This is a mix of activated nuts and seeds, nutritional yeast, nori flakes, salt, turmeric, cumin and a few other great ingredients that I mix together and top my meals with. Not only is it delicious it is also loaded with nutrients, protein and good quality fats making each meal super-powered!
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3)  What is your favourite style of yoga, and why?

I love to practice Vinyasa Yoga. Something magical happens when you sync your breath with your movements. This style of yoga is like a moving meditation for me and a great way to get out of my head and into my body. I like a quite fast-paced dynamic flow and enjoy variation and change, so I like to mix my practices up! I practice from home, with Glo online, or at Zenko Yoga which has four wonderful studios here on the Sunshine Coast. Recently I've been exploring more with slower paced styles such as Yin Yoga which I find incredible for relaxation and diving deeper inwards. I have practiced yoga now for over 15 years and have been blessed to have trained and worked with some incredible teachers all over the world. Yoga inspires my daily life in innumerable ways and it also inspires the way I cook, eat and serve food too. When I cater yoga retreats and events it is always a beautiful practice to encourage people to slow down and really tune into the process of eating. We actually digest and assimilate the food and nutrients so much more when we are present, so this is a lesson from yoga that I always like to bring into the process of both cooking and eating.

Kelly Alexander Zenko Yoga


4)  Reading through your social media, we see that one of your loves is being up for seeing the sunrise everyday.  How beautiful!  Can you describe one of the most memorable moments you've had at this magical hour?

I like to joke that I am a ‘sunrise chaser!’ Watching the sunrise daily is something I have done for many years now. Every sunrise is actually  incredibly unique and different and I love the reminder that every day is also a new fresh day, full of potential and possibilities. I think some of the most memorable experiences are always when the dawn is very dark and gloomy. You would imagine that the sunrise wouldn't be that evident or worthwhile. I’ll let you in on a secret though, the mornings that are gloomy and brooding often have the most spectacular sunrises. I love watching the sun make its way through the heavy dark clouds and it is always a reminder to me that the light always exists even when darkness feels overwhelming. In my experience, the light always prevails, even if it's just for a moment. I have gained a lot of life lessons from my time watching the sunrise. I also simply love the sense of peace and tranquility at this time. I feel so much more connected to nature and the natural world.


Kelly Alexander Raw by Nature Book

Raw by Nature offers over one hundred plant-based recipes that combine the simplicity of natural wholefoods with a touch of creative flair. With nourishing breakfasts, unique soul-bowls, and wholesome raw dishes, every page encourages you to embrace something new and experience the exquisite bounty that nature offers. You will also find healthy tips and information to help you live a wholesome and sustainable lifestyle plus transitional guidelines to help you create positive change in your diet. 

Follow Kelly at @_rawbynature_

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