Our Activation Process

Activation is a traditional method of soaking and dehydrating, practised by many indigenous cultures. The process of activation improves flavour and is believed to enhance nutrient availability. 

As in nature when rain saturates the soil, soaking nuts or seeds in salt water starts the germination process. As the nut absorbs water it rehydrates and its cells expand, no longer dormant, its metabolic processes come alive as if preparing to sprout. 

This idea of sprouting activating life is the inspiration behind the ‘sprout heart’ in our logo and the concept of Live Foods. The sprouting process also breaks down phytic acid which naturally occurs in the coating of many nuts and seeds and is said to inhibit the absorption of nutrients and make them difficult to digest. 

After a long-soaking, we slowly dehydrate the nut to what we call the ‘crunch state’ using low temperatures to preserve the newly activated nutrient profile and create a unique texture and flavour. We have perfected the process over almost two decades and have created a range of activated nuts, seeds and other flavoured activated snacks. Healthy, crunchy and delicious - some even say it is 2die4.