Our Story

The Original Activated Nuts

Originally 2die4 Live Foods began in my good friend Clive Lawler’s home kitchen. Born out of a passion for Slow Foods he began producing fermented walnuts, pecans and almonds. These delicacies were so popular with friends that it rapidly developed into a thriving business. Impressively Clive also coined the (now universally familiar) name “Activated Nuts”. 

In 2007 I came on board as a partner so we could expand the business. Subsequently Clive has retired, but his vision and contribution will never be forgotten. Winding the clock forward, 2die4 Live Foods now owns a state of the art commercial facility, which uses solar technology to provide over 50% of our electricity needs. We have worked with a Brisbane based company to custom design and build our highly efficient dehydrators. Ultimately we want 2die4 Live Foods to massively reduce it's carbon footprint, minimise waste and encourage renewable energy. 

What Clive accomplished was phenomenal and we strive to continue his legacy, which is why we constantly experiment with new product ideas and different flavour profiles. This has seen our organic health food range expand to include nutritious mueslis, organic cacao snacks (made from activated sunflowers, buckwheat and pistachios) and of course a delicious variety of activated nut mixes. Currently we are developing an enticing new creative line, which combines the superfood, hemp seeds, with several tantalising new flavours. We don’t believe in compromise so all our ingredients are 100% certified organic and premium quality. 

At 2die4 Live Foods we pride ourselves on employing a diverse bunch of local people. We recognise that doing the “9-to-5” does not work for everyone, so we support very flexible work arrangements based on each person’s unique circumstances. Our fantastic team members mix, pack and label all of our products by hand. 

Fundamentally what makes our company really special is we are driven to provide the absolute best in quality and service, which we value more than profit. In fact, the business has achieved enormous recognition by word of mouth referrals rather than through marketing campaigns or advertising. Our primary objective is to achieve the highest levels of quality control. 

We are hugely passionate about what we do and want you as customer to be totally satisfied with our range of exclusive gourmet health foods. 

Yours sincerely, 

Jon Henning