Our Story

The Original Activated Nuts

Activated Foods – Our Specialty

In 2004, in a small kitchen in the heart of Byron Bay, Clive began soaking and dehydrating nuts. After multiple friends praised Clive’s activated nuts, 2die4 Live Foods and the term “activated nuts” were birthed into the world.

Since 2die4 Live Foods’ humble beginnings in 2004, the company has grown significantly, becoming the first commercial nut activation operation in the world. Our product range has expanded to include nutritious muesli blends, cacao snacks, a hemp range as well as, a delicious variety of activated nut mixes. 

Our activated products are created at our custom designed facility, using bespoke methods based on ancient traditions; the nuts and seeds are long soaked in salt water and then slowly dehydrated at low temperatures.

Although 2die4 Live Foods has grown and changed over the years, our vision and ethos is still the same. We are still based in Byron Bay and our nut house is a thriving centre of activity. Our warehouse uses renewable energy, and our products are Certified Organic, premium quality and sourced from Australian growers wherever possible.

We still believe the Byron way is best – long soaked, slow pace …Every day!