Anna Block - Nutrition Practitioner, Coach and the Founder of Anna Block International

September 21, 2020 4 min read

We think Anna Block might be the biggest fan of our Activated Macadamias.  Anna is a Nutrition Practitioner, Coach and the Founder of Anna Block International.  We were wrapped to be able interview her and learn a little more about what drives her passion for health and nutrition. See Anna's exclusive offer to 2die4 Live Foods customers at the end of the interview!



1)    What is your focus as a Nutrition Practitioner and Coach and why?

In the area of preventative health, I specialise in helping my clients optimise their metabolic health using the Nobel Prize winning principles of nutritional medicine to restore balance to the body and enhance cellular renewal, as the foundation of weight optimisation and anti-ageing medicine. I integrate coaching into my approach so my clients can create consistency with healthy habits for long term health benefits.

Clients come to me because of my evidence-based, empowering approach to weight loss, health and mindset, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

I have a special interest in metabolic health, in particular, how your metabolism relates to the development and management of weight disorders, inflammation and metabolic diseases.

My coaching practice therefore largely focuses on the use of nutritionals to assist with lowering inflammation, balancing hormones and weight loss, along with the healthy habits and behaviours that will give you results long term.  I believe that a healthy metabolism is not only the foundation of successful weight loss and long-term maintenance but also of good health and longevity.

2)    Do you have a morning routine and what does it include?

The first 60-90 minutes of your day really sets you up in your mindset, productivity and focus. That’s why I start with a gentle stretch, (which Lola the pug joins in on!), before doing a quick 5 minute deep breathing exercise. Then, I head downstairs and drink a tall glass of water with some lemon to enhance it’s absorption, before walking Lola down to the coffee shop. I try and get some morning sun without sunglasses as this resets my circadian rhythms and regulates your sleep/wake cycles along with some vitamin D before it gets too hot! When we get back, I prioritise some sort of daily movement practice, whether that’s Pilates, Lagree, Olympic lifting or a quick kettlebell routine before I start my working day. This gives me a lot more energy and clarity later in the day! I do an extended fast so can launch straight in to my list of actionables for that day. I make sure I have plenty of water and get up from my desk, mobilise and stretch regularly!


Anna Block


3)    When it comes to self-care, what are your three non-negotiables?

  1. Putting yourself first.Many of the women I work with have families, work and have a rich social life but it’s easy for them to prioritise everyone else, leaving them depleted, tried and unmotivated. Knowing that prioritising your own health and wellbeing is selfless for the people in your life is a complete, liberating mindset change!
  2. Making a date with yourself, every single day. Even 10 minutes where you focus on you and something that rejuvenates, re-invigorates and recharges you. Whether that’s a warm bath, a nourishing cup of tea in sweet silence, some deep diaphragm breathing, meditation or some gentle stretches. If you want to keep going after 10 minutes you can, but making it an appointment like any other ensures it’s more likely to happen!
  3. Setting healthy boundaries.Figure out your priorities and what choices, habits and behaviors are truly aligned with your health goals and sense of purpose.Then begin to create healthy boundaries around the things that matter to you that help you be the best version of yourself, which may involve learning to say no!

4)    We love that you love 2die4 LIVE FOODS!! What is your favourite product and why?

This question is definitely the hardest because I love them all! It’s like asking a mother which child she prefers!! I do love the 2die4 LIVE FOODS Activated Macadamias and Activated Walnuts because of how crunchy, creamy, light and tasty they are!

If you are ready to do ‘you’ and feel the best version of yourself, feeling calm and in control, energized and more self-confidence, then you may be interested in Anna’s next 14 day Metabolic Connection Challenge. It’s a 3 step process to fire up your metabolism, get rid of cravings, supercharge you energy and feel more calm and in control. 2die4 Live Foods readers get 50% off tickets at

Anna helps smart, busy women get rid of cravings, emotional or stress eating whilst optimising developing healthy habits and boundaries with the support and accountability they need to see results.


Anna Block health coach


Join Anna’s Brand New free Empowered Women’s Self-Health Revolution at and Anna invites you to ask any questions you may have – book a 15 minute Metabolic Assessment with her to work out your unique metabolic needs at (free for all 2die4 LIVE Foods friends!)

Instagram: @annablock_healthwellness




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