In a nutshell

In a Nutshell

Nuts and seeds have been a staple in traditional diets for thousands of years. In more recent years, the need for more nutrient-rich foods to be the foundations of our diets has brought nuts and seeds back to the forefront as one of the best sources of nutrition to benefit our health and wellbeing. This Re-emergence of traditional methods of Food preparation inspired the Founder of 2die4 Live Foods. Our ancestors used these methods of activating (soaking, fermenting, sprouting, and dehydrating) to properly prepare grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds before eating them and only ate them adequately prepared. Unfortunately, in modern times, the well-meaning advice of many healthcare professionals of eating nuts, seeds, grains and legumes as part of a healthy diet is a little misleading. While the high nutritional nature is undisputed, the issue lies with our digestive systems' ability to assimilate all the goodness locked inside as well as neutralizing the not so beneficial "anti-nutrients' found present in all nuts, seeds, grains, beans and Legumes. Somewhere along the way, the traditional methods were lost, and now in recent years (alongside updated science), likely due to the dramatic increase of chronic illness and disease, they are returning!

A seed (or nut) carries all the genetic information required for the growth and development of an entire fruit-bearing plant or tree. Nuts and seeds offer the essential roots for life as we know it. All encoded within its self. They are gluten, wheat and dairy-free, making them ideal for most food sensitivities and various diets (individually preferred ways of eating). They are generally low in Carbohydrates and high in quality Protein, essential healthy Fats, Dietary Fibre, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and other health-promoting Phytonutrients. Consistent nut and seed consumption have been shown to reduce the risk of and help heal through many of our modern-day chronic and degenerative illnesses, nervous system dysfunction and digestive issues. Among their top benefits are the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the abundance of Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients perform hundreds of actions in the body and are essential nutrients needed for optimal wellbeing. Whether its gut issues, skin conditions, impaired immunity, hormone imbalances, weight challenges (the list goes on).

The moreish richness, versatility and nutrient density of nuts and seeds lend themselves to a vast array of sweet and savoury dishes, sides and snacks. They make healthy snacks on their own, boost any meal when sprinkled on top. Nuts and Seeds can be made into various products ranging from curry sauces to dips, butter, milk, superfood bars and granola, added to smoothies and used in baking to replace flour and increase nutritional value. Here at 2Die4 Live Foods, we take these nutritional powerhouses then activate their life force - unlocking their full potential, neutralizing their harmful chemicals and amplifying their benefits. 2Die4 activated nuts and seeds taste amazing and are better for you

The what and why of Activation

When nuts and seeds are activated and where possible, the husks removed, the bio-availability, macro and micro-nutrient content and taste are massively amplified, anti-nutrients significantly reduced and all those fantastic already present health benefits –boosted! "Activating" is a traditional method popular among many cultures, including the Inca and the Mayans. It involves a process of first soaking and fermenting, sprouting and finally dehydrating the chosen nut, seed, grain or bean, which bursts open the cell wall beginning the reproduction process, unlocking the plants nutrition and neutralizing the anti-nutrients. During this nutrient enlivening transformation, the seeds (which all nuts, seeds, grains and beans are) are long soaked and fermented in a uniquely developed natural solution awakening the seed to thinking it is time to start sprouting. The nuts swell, the blueprint is turned on, the proliferating enzymatic environment sets to work converting the seeds to a pre-digested state (aiding easeful digestion and nutrient assimilation) and the beneficial bacteria found naturally on the surface begin to multiply. The dehydration phase (traditionally from the sun) naturally preserves this activated state. anti-nutrients and gut health these days, at least 30% of the world's population are experiencing regular inflammatory responses to things like gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and the anti-nutrients found in nuts, seeds, grains and beans. This gut-inflammation response leads to leaky gut and affects our bodies' ability to absorb the vital nutrients from our food, leading to nutrient deficiencies. This opens the doorway to many of the symptoms people experience like digestive issues, skin conditions, mood, fatigue and much more. Eating non-activated nuts, seeds, grains and beans is tough on the digestive process and can aggravate the gut lining, further feeding the inflammation/absorption issue. Furthermore, if your nuts, seeds, grains and beans are not activated, these anti-nutrients also significantly decrease your ability to absorb vital nutrition, specifically your minerals. Anti-nutrients are the chemicals found predominantly within the skin or husks of nuts, seeds, grains and beans.

Anti-nutrients keep the beneficial nutrients locked within their little parcels to keep them safe. To protect the nutrient until the environment is suitable for growth and reproduction.These chemicals include phytic acid, tannins, lectins, saponins and various enzymes inhibitor switch affect our ability to digest our food. Lectins, for example, bind to the gut intestinal lining creating Gastro-intestinal upset, creating inflammation and feeding leaky gut.

How we do Activation

Since 2004 2die4 Live Foods has sourced the best quality organic nuts globally and Locally & developed its bespoke soaking and dehydration facility for premium taste & better digestion. All processes (from soaking to packaging) are lovingly carried out by the hands of real humans! Humans involved is at the core ethos! Our unique soaking solution is a mixture of filtered water, Australian sea salt. As an enzymatic bonus, the walnuts and pecans also have fresh Whey added to their soak water. Activated nuts" were originally created using the Lacto-fermentation method, which requires fresh Whey. Whey supplies lactobacilli & acts as an inoculant. After lots of testing, we found walnuts & pecans to be the only nuts that are enhanced to an exponentially higher degree than the other nuts and seeds, so we offer them with and without Whey added. The process of slow drying at low temperature ensure the preservation of nutrients and naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The activation process not only offers the eater an abundance of health benefits but also creates a depth of flavour, free from bitterness and a distinctive crunch that is 2Die4! While nuts are seeds, some nuts are called Drupes. This means Some nuts are actual nuts (but still a seed) and some seeds that are actually nuts (but still a seed) While a little confusing, one thing is for sure. When activated, these nutritional powerhouses are indeed proving themselves as a vital and nutrient-dense addition to your wholefood lifestyle.


Note: Peanut, tree nut and seed allergies are amongst some of the most common food allergies can range from a mild allergic reaction to a severe reaction resulting in anaphylaxis. It is also possible to experience an allergic reaction to some seeds. As a precaution, if eating these foods for the first time, test just a small amount first. It is likely if a reaction was going to occur, it would have done so during childhood. Please see a doctor immediately if you suspect an allergic reaction has occurred.