Mother's Day Pack

Celebrate your Mum this Mother's Day with this pack of special treats.

Three of our most delicious products (with a 20% off pack price) and a FREE MCT Coconut Oil.  Mum will get that sweet tooth treat with the amazing health benefits of our activated nuts, adaptogenic coffee and trail mix.

This pack includes:

The Ultimate Trail Mix 300g - the ultimate travel companion to keep you firing at peak level throughout the day. To provide everything from physical endurance and power, to mental clarity and dexterity, we have upgraded the traditional Trail Mix recipe and enhanced it for the modern world with our Organic Medicinal Mushroom Mix, creating the only on the go snack you will ever need.

Organic Dark Chocolate coated Macadamias 500g - certified organic macadamias covered in deliciously rich organic dark chocolate.

Adaptogenic Coffee 300g - Transform your mornings!  We have taken an everyday routine and evolved it through the integration of powerful and natural health-giving substances. The union of Organic Columbian Coffee Essence, Maca Root Powder, and our Magical Myco Mix gets your mental faculties firing, provides physical energy and endurance, and restorative and therapeutic advantages.

MCT Coconut Oil 500ml2die4 Live Foods MCT Oil is 100% Certified Organic, all-natural, and GMO-free. Created from fresh, mature coconuts and processed using filtered water. MCT  Medium-Chain Triglycerides which are easily digested fats that contain many health benefits.