The 3 Seeds Snack Pack

Savoury seeds for snacking!

Create your own trail mix with this pack as the foundation, or how about a home-baked multigrain loaf? Or just grab a handful and start munching!

What you get:

Organic Activated Pepitas 250g - A delicious snack packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. Eat them on their own or add to a salad.

Organic Activated Sunflower Seeds 300g – Extremely tasty and high in selenium and vitamin E, important antioxidants that protect you against damage from free radicals.

Organic Activated Buckwheat 300g – High in carbs and also containing several minerals in higher concentration than your average cereal, these tiny little kernels of crunchy goodness are a great addition to breakfast bowls, salads, and much more.