Our Team

Jon Henning

Jon joined the founder of 2die4 Live Foods, Clive Lawler, back in 2007.  He helped expand the business with Clive and then took it over completely and has been working passionately to grow the business to where it is today.  Not only is Jon dedicated to creating a great brand with quality organic products, he also loves supporting his team of local people to work in a way that supports their lifestyles. Creating a brand that has been built on loyal customers has been kept Jon striving to continue to build 2die4 Live Foods.

Many of the 2die4 Live Foods customers have either received a phone call or email from Jon, personally thanking them for support for the brand.  It is his care for all the humans involved in the business, whether it be customers, suppliers or his team, that has created the fun and heartful brand.  Even the packet labels are branded with 'Humans Involved'.  He is hugely passionate about what we do and wants you as customer to be totally satisfied with our range of exclusive gourmet health foods.

Steven Turner

Steven has and continues to put so much passion into the 2die4 Live Foods business.  A key driver of the new Alchemia Range, he brings a wealth of history in alternative therapies and health practices.  Overseeing the HACCP (health and safety) aspects of this food business brings Steven's scientific persona to the fore.  His true passions come alive though when you start talking to him about Adaptogenic superfoods.  Not one to rest on his laurels, Steven has created much of the beautiful new imagery and catalogues for the business, always seeking ways to make a more engaging customer experience.