Questions and Answers about us (& More) About Nuts and seeds....

These are the 39 questions (and more) you asked us about our nuts. Over the next few weeks we will be providing all the answers:

  1. What are activated nuts?
    Activation refers to a process where the nuts are soaked over time to start germinating/sprouting. The nuts are then dehydrated rather than roasted at a lower temperature which increases:

  2. What are activated almonds?
    Activated Almonds are Regular Almonds that have been soaked to start the sprouting process; Our Activated Almonds are Dehydrated to preserve them at 69°C so as not to pasteurise them and kill the Life we have put back into them.

  3. What are organic seeds?
    Organic seeds and all Certified Organic foods and other products grow without the use of synthetic or toxic chemicals that could contaminate the food and add to the natural "Organic" profile of the plant, this means the soil itself and the surrounding area of where the produce is grown has to be tested and audited by a certifying body to ensure the standards are met and upheld.

  4. How do you activate nuts?
    Activated nuts have been soaked in water and salt for a period of time, which starts off the germination or sprouting process, then dehydrated at a low temperature.

  5. Are nuts vegan?
    Nuts are Vegan unless animal products are added, we add whey to two of our nuts in the activation process, Walnuts, and Pecans. We also do a Vegan version of both of those and have created a Vegan mix with them included.

  6. What are Tamari Almonds? Are they good for you?
    Tamari is a salty Japanese sauce used in traditional Japanese and Macrobiotic cooking for hundreds of years, Tamari has a rich, salty flavor and adds a healthy salty ness to our delicious Activated Almonds.

  7. What is prunus dulcis?
    Prunus dulcis is the Latin name of the Almond tree.

  8. Are they nuts or seeds?
    Most nuts are not truly Nuts in reality they are considered seeds

  9. Are brazil nuts good for thyroid?
    Brazil nuts are an excellent source of Selenium, which helps support healthy thyroid function.

  10. What is your best muesli?
    Both of our Mueslis are good for a different reason the Paleo Muesli has no grains for people on a Ketogenic diet, and the Regular Muesli is for those who want to enjoy their Muesli more traditionally.

  11. Where are your organic cashews from?
    Our Organic Cashews are from Vietnam.

  12. What us special about your activated sunflower seeds?
    Our Activated Organic Sunflower seeds are grown in Australia, and they have the most bang for your buck in terms of their nutrition profile.

  13. which of your products are grown in Australia?
    Our Organic Activated almonds are grown in South Australia.

  14. Can we order wholesale organic nuts and seeds from you?
    Any Retailer is welcome to apply for a wholesale account with us. Inquiries can be made by emailing request to 

  15. Why are you called 2die4?
    We chose the name 2die4 Live foods as a tongue in cheek play on words both to place with the ancient saying that when something is perfect it is worth dying for, although we do not truly mean it, we are all about a long happy healthy life. We aim to get all our products to a level of excellence that one might exclaim, "these nuts are to die for."

  16. What are the main vitamins in Brazil nuts?
    Brazil Nuts are most Famous for the high levels of Selenium. 767% of the RDI based on a 28g serving. They also contain around a quarter of the RDI for Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and copper.

  17. What is special about organic almonds?
    Almonds have a high healthy oil content, as a result they can easily absorb pesticides. We choose organic almonds to ensure that they are not exposed to pesticides such as glyphosate.

  18. Is your muesli organic?
    Our Muesli, as well as all our products, are 100% Certified Organic.

  19. Where are your organic hazelnuts from?
    Our Organic Hazelnuts are from Turkey.

  20. What are activated pumpkin seeds?
    A Pepita is a Pumpkin seed. They come certain varieties of pumpkin and squash. The name Pepita is a Spanish word meaning "little seed of squash."

  21. Where are your organic pepitas from?
    Our Organic Activated Pepitas are from Austria.

  22. Is bee pollen vegan?
    Bee Pollen is only Vegan as far as Bee's are concerned, as far as Humans harvesting it from bees goes, this makes Bee Pollen not strictly Vegan.

  23. What are organic lavender seeds?
    The lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a seed-grown lavender that flowers.

  24. Which products have organic mint seeds?
    None, the mint flavor we use is an Essential oil in the Organic Mint Choc Hemptations. 

  25. Is your muesli low gi?
    The Organic Vegan Paleo Muesli is the lowest GI, and the Regular Vegan Muesli is also low GI but is a little higher due to the grains used in it.

  26. Do you use organic Lavender Seeds? Why?
    We Use Organic Lavender Seeds for the Organic Lavender and Bee Pollen Hemptations.

  27. Are sunflower seeds vegan?
    Our Organic Sunflowers are Vegan; we Have Vegan Versions of all our Nut and Seed Products

  28. Do you have bee pollen nuts?
    We Use Organic Bee Pollen in Our Organic Lavender and Bee Pollen Hemptations.

  29. Are all raw nuts the same?
    With experience we have focussed on sourcing the best nuts globally. We have nuts from Australia, Europe & South America.
    There are three (3) categories of nuts:
    1. Conventional
    2. Pesticide Free
    3. Organic

    We only use Certified Organic Nuts and our HQ is fully certified by the Organic Food Chain in Australia (Processor #0765).

And the questions about Whey:

Why do you use whey?

The original fermentaion process we used at 2die4 Live Foods was "Lacto-Fermentation", which uses small amounts of fresh whey in the soak water.

This adds an extra level of enzyme activity, and alters the flavour profile of the resulting nut, making them slightly sweeter and therefore less bitter.

Is it used in all your products?

No, whey is not used in all of our products - these days we only "Lacto-Ferment" Walnuts and Pecans, which are used in our regular Mixed Nuts.

Do you have whey free options?

Yes, we offer whey free versions of all of our products. We market the whey free walnuts, pecans and mixed nuts as "Vegan". Everything else we do is whey free.