Activated Hazelnut Cacao Praline

August 19, 2020 1 min read

Hazelnuts and chocolate are a timeless combination. In this easy to make praline, 2die4 Live Foods Activated Organic Hazelnuts and cacao nibs are fused with melted coconut sugar.
Whip up this simple healthy praline while making a cup of tea if friends drop around. There's never a nut left in the bowl when they leave.

Preparation time - 5 minutes
Serves - Makes a double handful


150g 2die4 Live Foods Activated Hazelnuts

50g Organic Cacao Nibs

2 Tbspn granulated Organic Coconut Sugar

Pinch of Salt


hazelnuts   hazelnuts and cocao   hazelnuts in pan

  1. Add the cacao nibs to your favourite pan and on medium heat warm them until they change colour to an even brown. It’ll take about 2 minutes or less. 
  2. Tip the nibs into a bowl and return the pan to the heat on high heat. Add the coconut sugar to the dry hot pan and spread it evenly over the base of the pan.
  3. Have your hazelnuts and nibs ready as you’ll need to be quick once the sugar starts melting.
  4. As the coconut sugar begins to melt on the sides of the pan throw the hazels and nibs onto the sugar, give it a few more seconds to melt a bit more.
  5. Turn offthe heat and stir well to coat the nuts and nibs in the melted coconut sugar.
  6. Once coated remove them from the pan into a bowl and allow them to cool for 5 minutes to let the sugar become crisp.

Hazelnuts and Cocao Praline

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