Certified Organic Almonds

February 16, 2021 1 min read

We had a chat with our almond farmer.  We enjoyed sharing how much we both value growing and supplying Certified Organic Almonds.  Why Certified Organic?  Read more below.


Goodness that comes right from the soil


Soil health is paramount to our growing methods. Vibrant soil micro biology fixes nitrogen in its purest form, from the atmosphere and not from nitrate fertilizers which are used heavily in conventional chemical farming. This helps the trees produce almonds that are rich in proteins and are mineral balanced. The result is a flavour that is true to that variety of almond and resonates with environment they were grown in.



Plants growing in soil


Good for you


Organic almonds are renowned for their health benefits which include building muscle, reducing LDL cholesterol, and providing essential vitamin/mineral needs. Several studies have also concluded that Almonds contribute to positive heart health, weight loss and detoxification of the body.


Good for the planet

Soil fertility is improved by encouraging soil microbes and earthworms, which unlock insoluble minerals from rock and old plant tissue in the soil making them available to the trees in a balanced form. This enriched, drought resistant soil is also less prone to erosion and reduces ground water pollution.