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June 15, 2021 2 min read

Every team thrives from having someone who makes you laugh, cares about everyone and celebrates each person they work with ... Shania is our girl.  She is full of passion for work and life.  Celebrating her first full year with 2die4 Live Foods, Shania has worked across the floor from packing to dispatch. 

Staff at 2die4 Live Foods


Shania brings her joy and passion to everything she does. As a child she was creative and artistic, with a love of the outdoors and travel, which led to an interest in aviation. From there the next step was to learn to fly!

A 1992 Japanese animated film, Porco Rosso, was the first major inspiration for a young Shania. The story centres around a 1930s fighter pilot who just happens to be a pig, with a young girl Fio, who was a one-of-a-kind  plane engineer determined to prove her capabilities.  The strength of this character was one of Shania's biggest inspirations and she never stopped dreaming of becoming a pilot too.  With only 5% of commercial pilots being women, stand-out women pilots continued to be Shania's role models. In Year 10 of school she studied the story of Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  And just like Amelia, Shania had a passion for flying at a young age and started developing her skills in her early twenties.

Shani Flying

Life continued to inspire her path and even the suggested content of social media platforms started to highlight to Shania that she needed to really start to explore this career path. A Youtube channel, 'Dutch Pilot Girl', was a profound insight into what was possible for Shania.  An epiphany when watching a young woman's flying career activated her to research into local schools and she signed to White Star Aviation in Ballina, NSW. After a year of dedicated early morning starts, many tests, and hard work, Shania has completed her studies for and is now making solo flights.  Next, she will be learning navigation and instrument flying, and she will continue to challenge herself in years to come. 

Shani packing

This path of passionate study, dedication, and willingness to keep meeting her challenges has also come through in her work with 2die4 Live Foods.  When the dispatch team needed additional support late last year it was a no-brainer that Shania was the girl for the job.  A fast learner and willing to apply herself wherever needed, she learnt the details of inventory management, shipping and wholesale and online dispatch.  She is dynamically true to our 'Human Involved' ethos behind the brand.

the team

The joy Shania brings to everything she does is unwavering in her work at 2die4 Live Foods HQ.  When a staff party is planned Shania brings out all the stops. She not only offers to make her signature cocktails, she does with all the flair of Caribbean cocktail waitress dressed in a pineapple shirt, and everyone is entertained. 


     Shani at 2die4       2die4 Live Foods Staff



With another new product to share with you, Cinnamon Maple Almonds, we had to get Shania to help show them off.  

Shani with CM Almonds




Cinnamon Maple Almonds






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