Health Benefits of Cashews

February 22, 2021 1 min read

Activated Cashews are a delicious, healthy nut that are known for adding that tasty crunch to Asian stir-frys and a staple in vegan diets with cashew cheese and butter. The possible key health benefits of cashews are amazing!

We watched some really interesting videos on YouTube to get the main list of benefits of the cashew.  Click HERE to check out our playlist on our YouTube channel.

- Great for heart health as they are low in fat and cholesterol free.

- High in magnesium which lowers blood pressure and relax the nerves

- Eliminate free radicals from the body

- Contain flavonoids which help prevent cancers

- Prevent muscular degeneration

- Magnesium also helps with strong teeth and healthy bones

- Daily intake can reduce the risk of developing gallstones

- Eaten in moderation can help with weight loss

- Help improve digestion

- High in protein

- Great for skin, bones and hair

- Can help with getting a good night's sleep

Organic Activated Cashews


Disclaimer: 2die4 Live Foods make no health claims and are just sharing broad information.  Please see a health professional for specific advice.