Gentle Processing of Hemp

December 15, 2020 2 min read

We spoke with our Hemp supplier to learn more about the unique processes used by the farmer that were developed in the Canadian prairies. The methods used are better for safety, taste, and integrity.


Gentle Processing of Hemp

Recently, non-invasive methods to accomplish a chemical-free microbial reduction process for its consumption-ready hemp products has been conducted in the Canadian prairies. Various test runs were performed over a time period of 10 month and RVSF is pleased to announce the relationship with QMTI and the adoption of the Gentle Processing™method of pasteurization. The Gentle Processing method (or “GP”) does not alter the flavor, texture, functionality or color of the River Valley hemp products. Extensive test runs have consistently showed a 5-log reduction of plate counts and a complete “kill step” for pathogenic bacteria, which enable hemp products to be applied in Ready-To-Eat (RTE) food formulations. Validation Certificates for RTE Hulled Hemp Seed and RTE Whole Hemp Seed were obtained in March 2020. 


Unlike irradiation and other treatment methods, Radio Frequency (RF) treatment is certified organic, natural, and can be used on an FDA-approved clean label. In an RF pasteurization system, the RF generator creates an alternating electric field between two electrodes, above and below the system conveyor, which causes the treated product to heat rapidly and uniformly. This rapid and volumetric heating means that there is no temperature differential from the surface to the center of a product and no prolonged exposure time (or “soak” time) that can damage functionality and other organoleptic qualities.  Gentle Processing™ (GP) systems meet highest standards for a preventive control step and incorporate the HACCP monitoring, data logging, and alarm functionality required for a kill-step validation.  Gentle Processing™ is a non-invasive process, which means the treated foods retain more of their nutrients and natural flavors for greater length of time.

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