Mother's Day Giveaway

April 09, 2021 2 min read

We strive to keep the 2die4 Live Foods brand consistent with a vision for a sustainable, healthy and vibrant community and planet.  Therefore when we sought brand partnerships for our upcoming Mother's Day Giveaway needed to find collaborators with these values.

It was a delight to create this giveaway with three really awesome brands, who in their own unique ways, are supporting healthy living and giving back to their community and the Earth.  (See the end of this article for details.)

Mothers Day Giveaway

Byron Bay Skincare

Byron Bay Skincare is a 100% naturally derived skincare range designed to nourish your skin and unlock your natural beauty. Inspired by the pristine coastline, lush rainforest and rolling countryside of Byron Bay, we have created luxurious skincare products free from harsh chemicals using only the finest quality botanical ingredients. We're focused on more than creating luxurious skincare products, we want to inspire our generation to adopt socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles. We're committed to making a difference, not only with the ingredients we choose but also our One-for-One Tree Planting Program that ensures a tree is planted for every product sold. Our products are also Cruelty Free – no animal testing, Vegan – so you can wipe that from your conscience too!

  Byron Bay Skincare    Byron Bay Skincare     Byron Bay Skincare


Cheeki Reusable Cups and Tumblers

Cheeki was established in Sydney, Australia in 2009 with the goal of creating high quality reusable stainless steel alternatives to single-use plastic food and beverage containers.  "For us, quality is our focus and sustainability is our goal. We’re here to change the world in the most positive way possible with products that are made for life." @cheeki_bottles

Cheeki Reusable Bottles and Cups         Cheeki Wine Tumbler


Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co.

The human body needs salt to survive. Without it, the body loses its capability to relax and contract muscles, transmit nerve impulses, and maintain the fluid equilibrium – and Himalayan Crystal Salt is a fantastic source of trace elements already found in the human body – in fact, there are 84 of these trace elements and minerals in Himalayan Crystal Salt! Some of these elements include calcium, potassium, sodium chloride and of course, magnesium. Maintaining the levels of these elements is essential for one’s health and wellbeing, and this is why we use Himalayan Salt in our products – because of these incredible benefits we can source naturally! @byronbayhealthysaltco

                Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co   Magnesium Cream   Foot Soak Magnesium Salts


Our Mother's Day Giveaway Competition runs from Wednesday 14th April 2021 and will close on 28th April 2021.  Each brand will feature the competition on their Instagram profile along with the details of how to enter.  The winner will be notified on the 30th April 2021.

This competition is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instragram.

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