Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021 2 min read

2die4 Live Foods was created with a deep care for people, community and the Earth.  The business is an evolution of an ongoing commitment to premium quality ingredients, good relationships with all staff, suppliers and customers, and consistent good service.

This Earth Day, 22nd April 2021, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate how much we are inspired by everyone involved in helping us uphold these values.  In particular, we want to highlight some of the big wins we have had in the past year which have helped us continue to grow as a Certified Organic food business.

🌿  Successful new partnership with our Australian Macadamia supplier who has made huge steps to bringing his business back to a certified organic farm.

🌿  The launch of the Alchemia Adaptogenic Range.  A collection which includes the Magical Cacao Mix, Ultimate Trail Mix, Cinnamon Maple Almonds, Adaptogenic Coffee, all with certified ingredients and adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms.

🌿  Growth across all our stockists, which supports and strengthens the organic food industry in Australia.

🌿  Collaborations with other food and product brands who share our values and are part of a positive impact movement for a healthy future.

Earth Day


Certified Organic food is produced using organic farming methods containing no chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides or herbicides and contain no genetic modification, food irradiation or chemical additives.

Organic certification is a highly developed and trusted third party certification system. With a lack of regulation in Australia, a third party certification becomes even more important, as it provides a guarantee that the entire supply chain has been independently audited against strict standards, so consumers know they are getting what they paid for.

'Certified organic’ is a regulated term in Australian labelling regulations, this means that if you want to use the term ‘certified’ anywhere on the product label (not necessarily in product name) the handling of the product must be in compliance with organic standards like ACOS, meaning the product must appear on an organic certificate and the label must be approved. If you are not certified yourself nor using certified manufacturers to produce / package/label your product, you cannot use the term ‘certified’ as you are not complying with the Australian labelling regulations.


Thank you for helping us create health for people and planet. 🌿