June 11, 2019 1 min read

Did you know that Almonds:

1. Need hot summers and cool winters

2. Are fully reliant on bees for pollination

3. Can help improve diabetes and weight management as well as improve heart health, with around 100 research papers.

4. Can help slow absorption of sugar and carbs

2Die4 Tamari Almonds have great flavour and the “crunch” factor. They go through our unique preparation:

5. Starting with the best certified organic Australian grown almonds

6. Using Tamari which is a gluten (wheat) free soy sauce with a more balanced, less salty flavour

7. They are soaked and then dehydrated in 2Die4’s bespoke certified organic facility

And just for the record….. they are not wild harvested by a remote tribe from Tamaristan!