2die4: 20 Years of Activated Excellence

February 07, 2024 2 min read

In the world of fast, the team at 2die4 Live Foods have remained true to the vision of slow.

Slow soaking and authentic activation of their organic nut and seed range. Unhurried dehydration processes at low temperatures to enhance nutrient availability. Producing nuts and seeds with an unmistakable crunch and flavour that’s 2die4.

Activation 2die4

“Slow is good,” says General Manager Dillon Kelly from 2die4’s activation facility in Byron Bay, NSW. “Our bespoke methods remain the same as they were when the business launched the world’s first commercial nut activation company in 2004.”

Celebrating 20 years in the nut activation business is no easy feat, with other activated nut businesses coming and going over the years. What has remained consistent with 2die4 Live Foods is the desire to remain authentic and true to the vision of creating products that enhance the health and wellbeing of the people who eat them.

“We pride ourselves on our processes that may seem old-fashioned to some, but they are part of what makes 2die4 so unique. Every step in the process, from activation to the final packing, is done by hand. Our method of activating nuts also means less waste is created,” says Dillon.

“Employing locals from the Byron area is also close to our hearts, along with supporting as many Aussie organic nut and seed farmers as possible. Our organic almonds and sunflower seeds come from South Australia, our organic pecans from Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, and our macadamia nuts from organic farms in the Northern Rivers.”

In 2021, 2die4 Live Foods joined the Honest to Goodness family and the business has continued to thrive online and in stores throughout the country.

The incredible taste of the organic nuts, once activated, is what makes these processes all worthwhile. Twenty years on and with so many tasty, activated nuts and seeds on offer, you can expect some delicious new products to be coming soon to celebrate two decades of activated nut success! We won’t give away any secrets just yet, but let’s just say one of the new products will have a real bite to it, while the other an amazing, earthy crunch!


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