Sharon K Chapman - Relationship Coach

April 27, 2021 3 min read

Sharon K Chapman reached out to 2die4 Live Foods with the offer to be our next brand ambassador.  How wonderful when a customer loves your brand so much they refer it to their clients and want to do all they can to get the quality health benefits of our activated nuts and seeds to as many people as possible.  To have Sharon's extensive range of skills and knowledge in holistic health care behind the 2die4 Live Foods brand, is a beautiful testament to our product range.  We asked Sharon to share a little of her wisdom.


Sharon K Chapman 2die4 Live Foods ambassador



1 Although you work predominantly as a Relationship Coach, you have an extensive range of modalities you work with.  What drives you in your passion for holistic wellness?
My passion for holistic wellness started at a young age. Being raised as a Dairy Farmer's daughter and in a family who experienced mental health challenges and addictions, I witnessed a lot of pain and suffering. My beloved brother suiciding was the catalyst for my own healing journey beginning. I used by Brother’s inheritance money to dedicate my life to helping others and studying modalities that made a difference. By experiencing the modalities myself, I found the ones that resolved my own problems and past traumas, then I then studied and qualified in them (16 and counting!). This led me on a journey of self-healing. By being able to understand peoples struggles, I could give them with compassion, allowing the space to for them to heal themselves as well.

2 When you have spoken with the 2die4 Live Foods team we have been inspired by your knowledge of nutrition. How would you describe healthy eating as a role in living a happy life?
1) Clients often ask for help with anxiety, stress and depression (or moods going up and down due to seasons changing or challenges in their life). These conditions can be greatly improved by eating nourishing nutrition.
2) Eating wholefoods including the 2die4 products has been a game changer for myself and so I started recommending them to family, friends and clients. They have all shared their focus is improved and they feel more positive moods during their day (and also sugar cravings are greatly reduced – yeah!)
3) It makes such a positive difference to our mindset and physical health and knowing that good nutrition is something we can do ourselves and take personal responsibility for – and reap the rewards.

3 We know you love getting so many of our products into your diet. What are your top three tips for using activated nuts and seeds in meals?
1) I combine all the nuts along with sunflower seeds, pepitas, buckwheat and some goji berries.  This makes the best tasting ‘trail mix’ I’ve ever tasted!
2) This mix goes well as a snack on-the-go, I make 10 at a time and keep them in the cupboard. I put them in little glass jars, so they fit perfectly in my handbag or in the car and often I’ll eat them straight from the jar as a snack in between meals.
3) Adding them to meals three times a week helps with getting all the health benefits along with the delicious crunch….yummo! They can easily be added to hot/cold or savoury/sweet dishes.

                     Salad with activated nuts   Trail mix   Breakfast with activated nuts

4 We love to partner with inspiring wellness leaders in our community.  How would you describe healthy eating as a role in living a happy life?
Healthy eating allows you to feel happy because it’s what I describe as your most desired state “Calm and Assertive.” Everyone wants to feel loved, accepted, respected and cherished and by nurturing yourself, you
lead with self-care.

"Remember your #1 Relationship is the one you have with yourself.
You are worthy of the very best and 2die4’s selection of delicious products are the best I’ve found and that’s why I professionally recommend them."
Sharon K Chapman

Sharon is a Relationship Coach, Speaker and Author based at the Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Australia. With 20 years’ professional experience in assisting men and women, she uses her intuitive insight along with her expertise in 16 modalities that she integrates in sessions. Sharon offers clarity, confidence and closure to all of your Relationships - whether it is with a partner, family, friend or anybody you do business with.

She believes that healing seven generations back is the key to resolving the five emotions we all run from – Anger, Grief, Shame, Guilt and Fear. No matter what upset or trauma you may have experienced, you can heal through love and compassion so you are able to forgive and attract the joyous and fulfilling relationships you are worthy of. 

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