Belle Howard - Nutrition Student & Lover of fine things

November 05, 2020 3 min read

Looking at Belinda Howard's socials is an inspiration for enjoying all the fine things in life.  While currently studying nutrition, Belle maintains a balance of healthy eating with enjoying her favorite wine with friends.  An animal lover, adventurer and all round lover of life ... Belle is a someone we love supporting to bring a positive impact to our world.  Read more about how she's doing this below ......

Belinda Howard


1) You are studying nutrition at the moment.  What area of health do you like to focus on?

I am! I have a particular interest in female hormones and how adequate nutrition and support from a holistic practitioner can help. As a woman, I had some idea of the issues that women can face from a hormonal point of view (including myself!), however since studying, it's quite incredible to learn how the modern world we live in can take such a high toll on female hormonal health. The impacts of high day-to-day stress, hormonal imbalances due to toxins and lifestyle, certain deficiencies in our diets and under and over eating all have an impact.



2) What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I try my best to listen to what my body needs on a day to day basis, whether that's what I eat that day (always focusing on high quality whole foods), how I move my body or whether I try to relax more.  If you had asked me this even 6 months ago, my answer would have been very different. I've recently taken a step back from higher intensity exercise to vinyasa yoga, and introduced more carbohydrates into my diet in order to reach more balance with my hormones. There's no one size fits all in terms of a healthy lifestyle, you have to listen to your body and what it needs and respond accordingly. However, eating whole foods and moving my body daily is a must for me!



3) What is your favourite meal to cook/ prepare and why?

I love cooking breakfast. A favourite of mine right now is protein zoats (porridge with grated zucchini and protein powder) with raspberries, kefir milk and a sprinkle of 2die4 LIVE FOODS Paleo Muesli - yum! It has everything you need - protein, carbs, fat and is rich in fibre and texture - I love a bit of crunch in my meals! 


I am also a huge fan of a roast cauliflower and almond salad with heaps of cumin, garlic and a tahini dressing paired with pan fried salmon or marinated chicken for dinner or lunch. It's a taste sensation!



4) What are your aspirations for creating a positive impact in the world?

I would love to play a role in bringing a base level of nutritional knowledge to kids through the addition of its study to school curriculums. Information on macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, processed foods and how to best fuel your body for your energy output would make a big difference, especially in the lives of kids whose parents aren't aware themselves. Nutrition plays such a vital role in health and wellness, the fact that it isn't taught as a life skill baffles me. 



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