2die4 Live Foods - The Original Activated Organic Nut Company

Following on from his love of Slow Foods, Clive Lawler began to delve into the world of ‘eating to heal’. The deeper Clive delved, the more he found himself drawn to the ancient technique of fermentation.

Embracing his new-found passion, Clive experimented and came up with a rare jewel of a food: Fermented Walnuts. These became so popular with Clive's friends that he started 2die4 Fermented Walnuts from his home kitchen.

As the popularity of these Fermented Nuts grew, Clive added almonds and pecans to the range and coined the name “Activated Nuts” – it just sounded better... In 2004, 2die4 Live Foods was officially established. The rave reviews kept coming and 2die4 eventually outgrew Clive’s kitchen. Clive approached his good friend Jon Henning, and in 2007 they partnered up and leased a commercial space in Byron Bay.

Since then, Clive and Jon have turned a truly ancient, proven practise into a modern, consumer-friendly food revolution that is Activated Nuts – Organic, of course!